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    "Thank you for your valuable contribution to our ... conference ...You treated our attendees to an excellent opportunity to grow in their professional development."
    -- H. C. Douglass, Senior Director, Clemson University

    "You received more "Outstanding" marks than almost anyone else, which didn't surprise me.  Thanks again for your contribution to making the conference the success it was!"
    -- Robert Reasoner, International Council for Self-Esteem

    "Thanks for speaking at our conference.  I have enclosed copies of the evaluation forms, and as you can see you got high marks! ... The attendees felt the session was relevant to their job/volunteer responsibilities and gained ideas they will be able to take back with them!"
    -- S. Good, Director of Membership, National Utility Contractors Association

    "Much of our success is due to your efforts as a featured speaker. The audience was truly receptive to your presentation and especially your humor ...Your message was informational, powerful, and touched many hearts in our audience! They'll be talking about it for months to come.  Not only did they appreciate the quality of information but also they loved your presentation style."
    -- S. G. Smith, Co-Program Chair, Maryland State Dental Association, Maryland Society of Association Executives

    "The concepts and perspectives that were shared through your session enabled participants to see things they were not able to see before. The women who attended your sessions left feeling a renewed sense of self-worth and personal appreciation and were motivated to continue to enrich their lives and to begin to develop their role as peacemakers." -- E. Evans, Conference Committee Coordinator, Imagine Peace, Women's Peace Conference


    “We were particularly proud of the way you responded to meet our participants’ needs  ... the National Capital Training Center has decided to formally recognize you as one of our distinguished adjunct faculty ...  you consistently maintained more than a 4.5 instructor evaluation score on the student evaluations, validating the exceptional quality of your ability to teach effectively ... You always enable life long learning to be a reality for those you teach ...  You touched so many participants and contributed so much to the reputation and status the Graduate School enjoys ... Thank you again for sharing your exceptional talents with the National Capital Training Center and for helping so many pursue success through life long learning
    -- R.P. Morton, Director, National Capital Training Center, Graduate School, USDA

    "The ... class you taught ... was one of the best ... I have taken."
    -- H. Gross, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

    "You are an excellent instructor and OD person and (by my definition) of very high consciousness."
     -- A. M. Raudner, Federal Aviation Administration

    "....Not only did I learn much, I have taken every opportunity to implement what I learned. ...Wow, what a terrific response I got... I was complimented by my supervisor, the head thanked me for my input and the person who trained me wanted me to WRITE IT ALL DOWN so she could study how I spoke and learn for herself! THAT was such a compliment! ... I kept your teachings in mind the whole time!  WIN/WIN ... I am so happy I was able to take your class. Nothing like having the tools to make a difference.  I appreciate you giving them to me ... I shall do my best to make good use of them."
     -- L. Goodson, National Institutes of Health

    "Your course offering at the FDA was a success.  I have read the evaluations and personally met with most of the attendees. They feel better equipped to perform their jobs and solve those unpredictable problems that spring up from time to time ...  Indeed, it was such a success that I would like to invite you to put it on for us again..."
    -- J. Donahue, Food and Drug Administration

    "I firmly believe your seminar is paramount to career survival...”
    -- S.E. Costley, OTRP

    "Thanks for genuinely caring about your topic and imparting that caring ... Your down to earth, "real" style makes you extremely effective in getting the message across."
    -- C. Mathai, US NAVY

    "I just wanted to let you know how much the skills I learned from you have changed my life positively. SO, THANK YOU!"
    -- L McDonald

    "We received very positive responses to your program.  All who participated gained important information and insight. Thank you again for providing us with an excellent program."
    -- C.C Steadman, Job Development Coordinator, Commission for Women

    "It was a pleasure to have you again as a presenter ...  Your session was well received by the program participants. Thank you for a job well done! "
    -- C. L Fitch, Administrative Assistant, SSSDP Program Coordinator, University of Maryland

    "A couple of years ago, I attended a ... class instructed by you.  It was an excellent class ... I was really riveted by your personal energy, enthusiasm, and understanding of human behavior."
     -- E. Mettee

    "I found the ... class very helpful and am recommending it to another manager, but only if he can take it with you."
    -- M. Limehouse

    "The training was excellent! I enjoyed every minute of it!"
     -- J. Ebbighausen, Dept. of Transportation

    "I am so glad I took your ... class...!" -- T. Parr, Dept. of Treasury

    "It was a pleasure to see you again ... Your session was a fine presentation.  I am sure all of the participants benefitted from your professional expertise and high energy level.  The participant comments verify my description of your presentation.
    -- C. Fitch, Administrative Assistant, SSSDP Program Coordinator, University of Maryland

    "The seminars (you) presented were well-prepared...very useful in practical application. (Your) skills in facilitation and coaching are some of the best I've ever seen in action.  (Your) classes are not only interesting ... I marveled at (your) ability to control the room ... This was no small feat. Now, after 23 years in Government, I am more satisfied than ever... Through (your) instruction I gained a great amount of personal insight, was encouraged to reach for the stars, and overcame my fear of the uncertainty of taking the next step in my career (You are) an exceptional speaker, facilitator, coach, and presenter."
    -- D. Elliott, Bureau of Land Management

    "I really enjoyed your class.  The techniques are really working!"
    -- A. Layne, National Institute of Health


    "Thank you so much for all of your help throughout the year -- what a great person!  I need your book to be published ASAP!  I have your moose hanging over my desk to remind me to communicate.  Honestly, Sharon, you are excellent ... I feel really lucky to have had you...."
    -- E. Horton, US NAVY

    "Thank you very much for your support during one of the most exciting years of my life! ...  I think I speak for the rest of the (group), when I say that we feel we were blessed to have you as our 'coach'! Your words made this year all the more special."
    -- M. Estacion, US NAVY

    "Our Class was something special ... Having you as our consultant was the icing on the cake. You really brought all the wonderful elements together in a wonderful way..."
    -- J. Nakahara

    "I continue to see great improvements in professional and personal areas of my life, due in large part to your guidance and support ... I felt very supported and encouraged by you to think and speak more creatively.  Your encouragement, support, and modeling helped me to tap into this internal resource. What an empowering experience this has been! I have noticed major changes in my career thanks to your wonderful guidance! ...  Finally, I have noticed that coworkers respect and appreciate my creative input more than before.
    -- I. Ross, Office of International Aviation


    "I was looking for support and guidance focused on the future, Your coaching provided me with experiences, tools and insights to move toward discovering and accomplishing my goals. Your coaching provides tools to expand horizons, deepen understandings, and live a full rich life. ..Thanks again for all of your skillful, caring coaching."
    -- Karen Richardson

    "Words can not express how much your insight has helped me. When I had some outdated ugly baggage that needed desperately to be retired, you were the wonderful airline that was kind enough to step in and lose it for me! You replaced it with a fresh and wonderful set of luxury "luggage" that has equipped me to not only live more effectively, but move my career forward like I never thought possible. As much as you speak ( and as wonderfully) I must say at times, your ability to listen objectively and let me pour my heart out, was far more helpful than any other of the many talents you possess. You are truly a wonderfully creative and unique person, and I can't wait to read your book."
    -- J. Mathis, Owner, Producer, Dogged Drama Productions


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