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Performance Development Corporation (PDC) is a training and consulting firm built on the belief that with technical assistance and internal commitment, every organization can become a high-performing system.

Based on our corporate value that people are an organization's greatest resource, PDC offers a range of services to help others promote and reward excellence in the workplace. Our primary goal is to strengthen organizational effectiveness, performance, and morale through speaking,  training, consulting, and other types of human resource management services.

A particularly satisfying part of our consulting business involves our ongoing explorations of intriguing new business opportunities. In pursuing this search, we are primarily concerned with achieving a "good fit" with each potential client.

By that, we mean a business relationship that is mutually beneficial -- that is, both your organization and ours are stronger by virtue of our having worked together, and each of us is even more advantageously positioned for continuing success.

This concept, called mutual empowerment, is one that you will see repeated in our speaking and training designs and in our consulting and coaching.

In our team building, for instance, we make a strong point that team members who become skilled at mutual empowerment with colleagues can count on seeing their personal and professional competencies take off in exciting new directions.

    In our view, competency is at the heart of all personal and business success.

Most importantly, we believe that competency not only includes highly developed and sophisticated skill levels -- it also includes unquantifiable, but nonetheless critical, things like integrity, impeccable ethics and quality of life.

In other words, we strive to help our client organizations and their employees develop, maximize, and maintain their potential to the fullest extent possible.

It would be interesting to explore the possibility of achieving a "good fit" between your organization and ours.

If you would like more details and expanded information about us, please give us a call.  We look forward to talking with you.


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