Corporate Philosophy

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Sharon Fountain

Corporate Philosophy
Sharon Fountain
Performance Development Corporation

Among the many principles that guide our work, we believe that every organization in today's world is facing rapid social and technological change.

    The question for organizations is no longer if major changes will strike them, but rather how soon and how extensive these changes will be.

 Based on our extensive firsthand experience with hundreds of clients, we know that change can destabilize an organization, decrease productivity, and significantly impair employee performance and morale.  To that end, we strongly believe in proactive rather than reactive management. Thus, we work diligently to help our clients anticipate, prepare for, and manage specific changes in their system that will ensure organizational success.

As behavioral scientists, we feel that training and organization development (OD) activities position organizations to

  1. take advantage of opportunities implicit in a changing climate, and
  2. make thoughtful choices that result in smoother, more effective transitions. In short, we consider training and OD as highly effective methods for integrating economic, regulatory, and strategic modifications in the workplace.

We also believe that our clients have the right to expect courteous, reliable, and resourceful service from us. We require ourselves to abide by the highest professional standards; we strongly adhere to confidentiality principles; and we carefully guard whatever information may be required to meet our client's needs.

    Whether we are providing speaking, training, coaching or consulting/OD services, we see ourselves as partners with our clients as we help them diagnose, discuss, and redress whatever organizational needs and concerns they may have.


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