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Sharon Fountain

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Personal Philosophy/Approach

Sharon. Fountain does not have an "off-the-shelf" approach to coaching, building teams or conducting organization development (OD) interventions. She provides speaking, training, coaching, consulting and team building as among the many available approaches to organization, and personal and professional development.

Since her approach tends to be a customized one, the following offers some information about how she often works with groups.

Much of the work she provides focuses on the specific tasks to be accomplished by the group during some period of time, and is designed after having had an opportunity to talk with "appropriate members" of the team in order to assess three things:

  1. Present state -- where the group or client is now
  2. Desirable future state -- where the group or individual is trying to go
  3. The "gap" -- or difference between the two.  In other words, identifying what the group or individual is trying to accomplish

The term "appropriate members" sometimes means an individual, a few key people, all individuals who will be attending a session, or those who are stake holders in the group's results.

The design chosen, then, falls from the data collected, and is tailored to bridging the "gap."  Such designs frequently combine specific subject content areas with specific group "task" issues. The proportion of either is driven by the amount of time the group has available for its work. Her experience has been that the most profound and lasting results come from investing as much time as possible working on the group's tasks.

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