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We offer three kinds of consulting services for our clients:

  • Professional Speaking/Skill Training
  • Process Consultation
  • Success Coaching

Professional Speaking/Skill Training:

Professional Speaking/Skill Training is more in the ballpark of conference/convention/professional society/association Keynote and Breakout Session speeches; and training design and delivery on a broad variety of topics.

Under a speaking engagement or skill training contract, we design programs based on your needs and goals.

Speeches, classes, and seminars offer practical information, and often include experiential activities and educational information products.

Individual planning for on-the-job application of learning is an integral part of our design process.

In addition to our custom-designed material, we offer a number of "off-the-shelf" speeches and seminars that are suitable for a variety of applications.

Process Consultation:

Process consultation is "issue analysis," followed by action.

When a client is interested in:

  • enhancing team well-functioning
  • undertaking a planning effort
  • dealing with change
  • restructuring; downsizing
  • discovering what may be interfering with group productivity or success, and what may be available in the way of potential solutions

process consultation is often an appropriate intervention.

We work with a group or team in a way that enables the group to identify its issues analyze the contributing circumstances, design response strategies, and implement the strategies for successful decision-making and action.

    Individuals and the organization gain valuable skills during this process -- skills that remain available for future application.

While process consultation takes place in a group- unit-, or organization- wide context, the focus of our skill training and success coaching services is clearly on the individual.

Since technology and other workforce changes demand excellence from all employees, our major goals in training and coaching are to enhance individual growth and development, job performance and satisfaction, and ultimately improved service to others within and outside the organization.

Success Coaching:

In Success Coaching we introduce clients to a number of unique coaching and consulting techniques.

These techniques guide them in discovering and mastering their ability to consistently produce the results they want, with an enhanced sense of well-being.

These techniques are easy, practical, and effective. They offer an organized approach to daily living.

Clients’ best results occur when we work together over a period of time. We work flexibly with clients using meeting schedules and formats that fit the needs of specific coaching objectives. Ask us for more information!

    "Words cannot express how much your insight has helped me. When I had some outdated ugly baggage that needed desperately to be retired,  you were the wonderful airline that was kind enough to step in and lose it for me!  You replaced it with a fresh and wonderful set of luxury "luggage" that has equipped me to not only live more effectively, but move my career forward like I never thought possible. As much as you speak (and as wonderfully) I must say at times, your ability to listen objectively and let me pour my heart out, was far more helpful than any other of the many talents you possess. You are truly a wonderfully creative and unique person, and I can't wait to read your book."
    -- J. Mathis, Owner, Producer, Dogged Drama Productions


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