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Sharon Fountain

The Self-Empowerment Program

Dare To Be A TEN!
Claim Your Personal Power

Are you overwhelmed by constant change in the workplace?

Do unspoken expectations keep you from realizing
your true level of self-empowerment?

Are you dis-empowered by having a
higher level accountability with less authority?

Are you tasked to create high performing work teams
without the means to keep them motivated?

Finally do you find your self called upon to produce more and more with less and less in shorter periods of time?

Dare to Be a TEN!  Claim your Personal Power
will help you to:

  • Meet professional challenges head on!  Now and in the future.
  • Make your customers happy, thereby increasing your sales!
  • Empower yourself by empowering your customers!
  • Create productive empowered work teams -- freeing more time for you and your employees to lead balanced lives!
  • Feel empowered in your personal life to master your relationships with love, compassion and intimacy.

Dare to Be A Ten!  Claim Your Personal Power will boost your personal power, and make you a powerful motivator of others. This program of pure self-empowerment will increase your life management skills -- strengthening both your physical and your emotional well-being.

What You Will Learn:

  • Why are you the way you are?
  • What do you need and want out of life for your self?
  • How are you perceived in the world? 
  • Have you leveraged all the skills and talents that you have to offer?
  • Are your relationships empowered to achieve win-win outcomes?

You’ll come away with the ability to:

  • Know your accountability at work by negotiating a
    responsibility contract
  • Empower your career to have you win every day!
  • Learn to empower both your self and others in every situation.
  • Empower your self to become a WINNER in your life by taking responsibility for your life and actions.
  • Enjoy the feeling of success even in the face of increasing responsibility.
  • Become the master of your life -- Learn to easily deal with life’s surprises.
  • Feel the self-satisfaction of a life well led -- moment by moment!
  • Claim greater control over your destiny.

Who Should Attend?

Sales people

Technical experts who work with others

Sales managers

Consultants (Internal and external)

Account executives


Account trainees

Training professionals

Marketing managers

Self-employed persons


Anyone who wants to influence results

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