Keeping Your Cool

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Sharon Fountain

"Keeping Your COOL When Things Get HOT!

            • with your boss
            • with customers
            • with co-workers
            • with family and friends

Learn how to identify and resolve emotionally charged people problems!

Keeping Your Cool When Things Get Hot! will help you to:

          1.     Notice when you give up power
          2.     Center, to reclaim power and control
          3.     Shift to problem-solving
          4.     Downgrade the issue to a manageable size
          5.     Choose your desired result and response; and
          6.     Take effective action!

Using the symbol of a "Dead Moose" in the middle of the floor, Keeping Your Cool When Things Get Hot! will help you learn how to claim and maintain your power to use the 6 key steps that lead from problem identification to problem solution.  The "Dead Moose" represents a problem that needs to be addressed.  The longer it stays in the middle of the floor, the more trouble it causes. If no one takes action, the dead moose continues to smell worse -- to cause a bigger problem each day.

Your ability to "name the moose" --  to transform conflict and anger into positive results, and actually strengthen relationships is a critical key to success.   

Keeping Your Cool When Things Get Hot! will show you how to get issues on the table; how to get them discussed; and how to get them managed --

  • even when risk is high and trust is low;
  • even when there’s a problem you don’t want to face, don’t know how to face, or think is somebody else’s problem to face --

will make the problem smaller and more easily resolved.

Who Should Attend?

  • Anyone who wants to influence results through people!

Call Sharon today and learn how to create success from virtually any "people problem" you face!


To receive a free copy of The “Dead Moose” bookmark, contact Sharon via fax, e-Mail or web site.  Please leave your name, address, telephone & fax numbers, and e-Mail address in your request.


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